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Teleducator Network. A navigational chart to integrate online learning resources

The Teleducator Network is our Navigational Chart to access our current educational, business, and community resources. The idea came while looking for solutions to reduce Information Overload in our online courses.

The Teleducator Network is an information and knowledge integrator where topics are organized by type of resources. Channels is about You Tube videos. Community has links to several organizations where I volunteer. Courses contain links to all courses including website companions, reading or slides. Labs are past and current project to enhance management, leadership, and systems courses and to test emerging technologies and methods. Students are involved on these labs using discussions, assignments, or team projects. Newsletters include and Scoop. Social media is an area to link to several Facebook pages, Linkedin, and Twitter. Websites & Blogs include personal and professional websites, blogs, and collaboration in other websites. The Teleducator Network is always “under construction” as new resources are constantly added.

Professors and students are invited to use and share resources, not only during a specific course, but as part of a continuous lifelong learning experience.

Browse through our online resources using the links on the left, or by using the drop-down menu at the top of this site.  You can also search for specific things as well.


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Capella University First Stephen Shank Recognitions Announced

The Stephen Shank Recognition honors teaching or mentoring excellence by a Capella faculty member for making a significant difference in a learner’s pathway to success. This recognition is named for Stephen Shank, who co-founded Capella with a vision for high-quality adult education. His passion, values, and purpose to help learners succeed, drives our faculty to carry this out in their everyday teaching and mentoring interactions. Thanks to Capella University doctoral learners for the nomination to the Stephen Shank Recognition. Thanks to Capella University for the certificate of recognition.
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Facebook Generation and Twitter in Education

Facebook generation and Twitter in education. We have several years doing in our online courses. @DrLepervanche Twitter Updates in discussion forums #jCampus. Learning Edge in our Social Media Campus.

America’s Facebook Generation Is Reading Strong : NPR.

Weekly Discussions inside Online Courses via @DrLepervanche Twitter Updates.
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Transportation and culture

Presentation done during convocation at Florida State College – Kent Campus. Professors shared their travel pictures emphasizing in local, regional, or national issues. Knowing about different countries and cultures is important to understand diversity and unity and to explore the challenges of doing business internationally.

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Pecha Kucha 20 Jacksonville: “Be prepared to stop. Healthy hearts after a sudden cardiac arrest”

Come to celebrate five years of “second life” adventures. PB&J Jacksonville presents Pecha Kucha 20 at Sun-Ray Cinema. Pecha Kucha is a presentation format featuring passionate presenters showcasing their talent or knowledge to you… the crowd. They only have 20 slides that last 20 seconds each to tell their story, which makes for good times, good laughs, and one great Pech-a-Kuch-a!


This month’s presenters:

* Tina Vaughn
* Jyoti Chawla
* Brenda Kato
* Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
* Angela Benck

Poster by: Stephanie Soden

Pecha Kucha is a FREE event

*NOTE: Bring children at your own discretion.

1028 Park St, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy hour begins at 6:30
Presentations begin at 7:30

Pecha Kucha is a format for giving presentations created by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (of Klein Dytham architecture). Conceived in 2003, it is a place for people to meet, network, and show their work in public. To learn more, visit or come out to one of your local chapter events.

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