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Boy Scouts of America – North Florida Council 2011 Silver Beaver Award

March 2012. North Florida Council Recognition Banquet. North Florida Council 2011 Silver Beaver Award.

Dr. Jose Lepervanche received the North Florida Council 2011 Silver Beaver Award during NFC Recognition Banquet. The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. It is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service. It is given to those who do not actively seek it. The Silver Beaver Award is not earned but awarded based on nomination.

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Scouting 101: Methods of World Scouting in Management Education

Contribution of World Scouting methods to the education of potential managers or leaders outside Scouting.

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Principal Leadership Exchange Program

This week I spent the day in Landmark middle school shadowing the principal as part of Duval County’s Leadership Exchange Program. I want to thank Duval County Public Schools for the opportunity, time and insights.

It was an interesting and hectic experience following him around during the arrival of students, channeling them to classrooms, meeting with administrators, supervising the cafeteria during lunch time, reviewing class assessments in math and literature, observing and evaluating a teacher and more. I learned a lot and now value more the effort that they are doing in middle school. After my visit, we had a debriefing with the superintendent of schools where we shared our experience and ideas to collaborate in secondary education.

As an university professor, Scoutmaster of  Boy Scouts Troop 182, and past Course Director of the BSA National Youth Leadership Training I have found out that middle school is in the crossroad to the educational future of kids. They experience many changes during those adolescence years and they need the mentoring and support, not only of dedicated teachers, but also from their parents, relatives, and other role mode adults like coaches, church leaders, youth group leaders, band leaders, and scout leaders among others.

They need help to decide what road are they going to pursue in high school to prepare them for one the the tough decisions in life: what career and where to go to college. It is important to guide them to keep the focus on their personal vision and priorities. I believe that we need to: teach them basic life management skills and empower with communications skills to even train their parents to understand the importance of helping them to pass this middle school crossroad. They have to be prepared for college academic excellence and a successful and happy life journey. I am working on the ideas and I am available to be speaker in any workshop or event to parents and students or professional development events to faculty to inspire all of them to take more proactive actions, especially with parents. Visit our Family Leaders website for additional resources.

I am preparing a report titled “Middle school crossroad: be prepared for college academic excellence and beyond” which I will send for presentation at the upcoming learning and teaching conference. Once I have the draft with specific ideas and actions, I will send it to Duval County School Board.

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This is not an exercise…Benefits of Scouting JOTA/JOTI during natural disasters.

Benefits of Scouting JOTA/JOTI during natural disasters. Be prepared for emergencies.

Rarely before has the Scout motto “Be prepared” been so timely. Just one week after the JOTA-JOTI, a 7.2 earthquake struck Eastern Turkey. It was the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in ten years.

One of the themes of this year’s JOTA-JOTI was “Natural Disasters”. On this occasion, World Scouting partnered with IRESC (International Radio Emergency Support Coalition) and ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity.

“Earthquake in Scoutonia” was an exercise conducted at the JOTA-JOTI. Its purpose was to activate and use the amateur radio emergency networks and to simulate, as realistically as possible, a chaotic situation in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Three countries mainly led this exercise – Portugal, Malaysia and Turkey.

Another activity was to mobilize the Scouting Network to help emergency professionals conduct fieldwork. ShelterBox’s Response Team members David Eby (US) and Mark Pearson (UK) arrived in Turkey’s Van, the closest city to the epicenter of the earthquake, on October 26th. They have been in contact with the Turkish Scouts through Turkey’s Chief Scout Mr Hasan D. Subasi, who is also an amateur radio operator.

“Of course we never thought that the activities ran during JOTA-JOTI could become reality a week later in Turkey.” said Richard Middelkoop, World JOTA Coordinator, “But since we established relations between Scouts, ShelterBox and radio people, we were able to use this to everybody’s advantage and react faster and easier to this emergency situation.”

This collaboration shows that partnerships on paper are one thing. To put them into practice is every Scout’s common challenge.

More information:

David Eby from ShelterBox US interviewed on CNN

ShelterBox Photo Gallery on Flickr

IRESC Turkey


Spanish translation

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Breast Cancer Walk Downtown Jacksonville

Put On Your Pink and join Team Florida State College at Jacksonville as we participate in the MAKING STRIDES Against Breast Cancer Walk.

Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Location: Treaty Oak Park (1123 Prudential Drive, 32207)
Time: Registration opens at 7:30 AM; Walk begins at 9:00 AM

The Making Strides event is not a race; it is a celebration of survivorship, an occasion to express hope, and a shared goal to end a disease that threatens the lives of so many people we love. When you walk or raise funds for a Making Strides event, you’re helping create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays – where breast cancer never steals another year from anyone’s life. By participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, you will provide hope and help to millions of people nationwide whose lives have been forever changed by this disease. Join us for a few hours of exercise, inspiration, camaraderie, entertainment, and most importantly, to honor someone you know who has been affected by breast cancer – especially if that person is you.  To join Team Florida State College at Jacksonville, click on the following link and you will be prompted to register under our team at

Registration is FREE and all are encouraged to participate…including your family and friends!
If you are unable to participate, you can still help the cause by donating directly to the American Cancer Society at For more information on registering for the walk, please contact Dawn Swed at ext. 3018.

Your Participation and Support benefit you, your family and your community! Join Team Florida State College at Jacksonville today and remember to Make Your Health Your Priority Everyday!

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Family Leaders Workshop at Sea

“Marriage is like sailing. God provides the wind. The couple has to adjust the rudder and the sails of life”

Dr. Jose & Flor Lepervanche have been speaking at different workshops and seminars related to family since 1999 when they joined the Covenant Experience in Miami. Their engaging presentations motivate, energize, and inspire others to adjust their sails. Visit the Family Leaders website ( which is intended to share online resources related to family and personal issues.

Workshop at Sea 2011. Reservations with Rasara Travel.

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Boy Scouts of America – AEDs Available to Councils and Units

AEDs Available to Councils and Units

As part of the BSA’s effort to make 100 percent coverage a reality for offices and camps, councils can take advantage of offers from two great program supporters: Philips Medical, which has been providing AEDs to BSA councils since 2005, and Cardiac Science, which joined us in 2008.

Preferred pricing structures have been enhanced and extended to units that would like to purchase AEDs, support services, and equipment for unit use or for their chartered organizations, service projects, schools or throughout their communities.

Cardiac Science (click for a program description sheet and FAQs )

Read all article at Boy Scouts of America website.



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I believe in CPR/AED. Be prepared to save a life.

Video made for the Sudden Cardiac Foundation. Edited by Arturo Perez Ramirez – Cigarra Expressions

I BELIEVE in one God because I have faith. He saved my life after my sudden cardiac arrest during a summer camp. He kept me alive to share this message. I BELIEVE in one Lord, Jesus Christ, who was with me in intensive care when I was fighting for my life. I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who gave strength to the Scout leaders who applied CPR on me for 45 minutes, and to the person who shocked me 5 times with the AED of the Boy Scouts Camp. I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who gave calm to my wife who laid hands on me. She was praying there all the time. I BELIEVE in my Church, my children, my family, my friends, and my community who prayed for my healing. Because I BELIEVE, I thank you all.

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Jamboree participants attempt a record-breaking CPR and AED Course

There are so many world records that are extremely dangerous (longest distance jumped by motorcycle; deepest scuba dive) that it’s nice to see one that’s for saving lives instead of endangering them.

That was the goal behind today’s attempt at breaking the record for CPR and AED training taking place at one time. Thousands of Scouts, Scouters, and visitors took an hourlong course on CPR and the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED.

While Scouts and Scouters counted to 30 chest compressions on their training mannequins, event organizers counted Scouts and Scouters, checking to see how close to the world record they had come.

Results weren’t yet available, but one thing is for sure: sending thousands of boys and adults home with the knowledge about how to save a life was a winning situation for everyone involved.

Before one of the day’s courses, representatives from Cardiac Science awarded four lucky troops with two free AEDs.

These troops submitted winning entries in a video contest. Entrants needed to create a short video telling why AEDs were so important. Below you’ll see representatives from two of the winning troops. The first, Jose Lepervanche, didn’t work on his troop’s video, but he shared an inspirational story. He’s a Scouter from Jacksonville, Fla., and he shared the story about how an AED saved his life.

While at a council camp, he suddenly collapsed. Scouts rushed to his side and tried to revive him after calling 911. But fortunately for Lepervanche, the camp had purchased an AED and used it to save his life. He was there to tell his story because his camp was prepared, he said.

Because the troops got two AEDs each, they can keep one and give the other to a worthy community group, such as a school, church, or other organization.

Video produced by Matthew Tyrell (Dr. Mario) and Eric Mathews. Eagle Scouts from Troop 182.

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