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Learning-to-go revolution or evolution.

Wearable smartphone and arm keyboard

Lessons from the 23rd International Conference on Teaching and Learning. Shared with all students across my current courses regardless of the topic.

After attending the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning and presenting two times, it was good to see the evolution of online to mobile learning in the last four years. On 2009 I presented about blogs and wikis for collaborative learning, and then moved into testing new technologies for management and systems learning. Information overload hit my students and me while we started moving into tablets and smartphones for personal, business, and education.

These technologies waves have been moving up and down and several models have helped us in narrowing  widgets and gadgets in our “Reduce Information Overload” movement. We are in a “learning-to-go” revolution or evolution that is bringing knowledge to our mobile devices. All generations are now attached to a device (or the opposite) that is impacting the way we communicate and gather information.

Eating at Panera Bread with my iPad while writing and posting this note before the afternoon workshop allowed me do a quick visual survey to see who was alone using a device, or eating with another person and….using a device. We are connected and disconnected on a table. I was tempted to take a picture of the table next to me where a couple had been eating and texting for five minutes…

What do you think about public use of these devices? How to take advantage of these time slots to update our social or learning connections at the same time we are enjoying some free offline time? Please share your practices and help others (and me) to optimize our online learning experience without losing our mind, sanity, eyes, and table companions.

Have a great weekend. I will be updating our courses in my “after-the-conference” weekend. :-)

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Scouting 101: Methods of World Scouting in Management Education

Contribution of World Scouting methods to the education of potential managers or leaders outside Scouting.

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Reducing Information and Communication Overload in Management Online Education @ NISOD

National Institute for Staff Organizational Development. 33rd International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

Reducing Information and Communications Overload in Management Online Education ROOM 9B, LEVEL 3 • EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY

Cutting-edge technologies have been used in the management program to enhance discussions and classroom interactions. Some of these technologies have created information overload in online courses. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is being used to reduce unnecessary methods that could overwhelm learners and distract them from course content.

Integrating Information Resources to Reduce Overload
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