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Florida State College at Jacksonville Experts
Areas of Expertise:

Management and Leadership
Information Systems
Internet, eCommerce, and Online Education
New Technologies
Boy Scouts of America


B.S. Venezuela Naval Academy: Naval Science
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Nuclear Engineering
Ph.D. Capella University: Organization and Management

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News Websites: Real-Time News and 9/11. Florida State College Network Featured Blog.

The Web is an additional medium used by major TV cable news networks to expand and complement the dissemination of international, national, local, or other news that help users improve their knowledge and make informed professional and personal decisions. News websites provides an excellent way to present news to users who are willing to accept this technology and perceive that it is useful and easy to use. News websites allow professors to bring current events to the classroom and to e-family leaders to bring current events to their e-family members in real time. (Read more)

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