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Use of Global Learning Experiences and Multimedia Technologies in Management Courses.

2016 TECHKnowledge Presentation

TECHKnowledge Updates 2016

  1. Mobile and video technologies to record, film, stream, broadcast or produce videos and social media content.
  2. Use of TED Ed and videos to create lessons used to integrate online discussions and expand discussions outside one online course. Cases: two sections of the same course, three different courses, two different institutions
  3. Integration of global news, events, pictures, and video clips in one media outlet or video blog (

TECHKnowledge Learning Adventures

2016 Combined DiscussionsColor

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TEDxBeaconStreet Adventure Catalysts support #EarthToParis

2015 TEDxBeaconStreetAdventureCatatysts

TEDxBeaconStreet 2015 Adventure Catalysts are TEDx Organizers from many US states and countries. We came to Boston to participate in a Workshop that included visits to Google, MIT Media Lab and other innovative companies in Boston. During the weekend Adventure Catalysts volunteered in TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet and TEDxBeaconStreet. The objective is to create TEDx Adventures to bring them to our cities. We combined our Learning Adventures with TEDxFSCJ to create TED Ed Learning Adventures.

During TEDxBeaconStreet we joined efforts to support #EarthToParis initiative. #EarthToParis wants to impulse awareness about the Climate Change Summit #COP21Paris from November 30th to December 11th. At the same time we remembered #BostonStrong messages to support #ParisStrong and #BostonToParis. Our posters on stage show our commitment to act in our communities to support #Peace, #Love, and our #Environment. #IdeasInAction.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.44.53 PM

#EarthToParis #Adventures in #TEDxBeaconSt by #AdventureCatalysts

United Nations Fountation #EarthToParis,
Paris Climate Change Conference COP21
United Nations Conference on Climate Change

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Capella University First Stephen Shank Recognitions Announced

The Stephen Shank Recognition honors teaching or mentoring excellence by a Capella faculty member for making a significant difference in a learner’s pathway to success. This recognition is named for Stephen Shank, who co-founded Capella with a vision for high-quality adult education. His passion, values, and purpose to help learners succeed, drives our faculty to carry this out in their everyday teaching and mentoring interactions. Thanks to Capella University doctoral learners for the nomination to the Stephen Shank Recognition. Thanks to Capella University for the certificate of recognition.
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