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Two Venezuelan Boy Scouts Walk 800 miles to attend 1935 Boy Scout Jamboree.

Walk 800 miles to attend Boy Scout Jamboree. Washington, D.C. June 16. Two Venezuelan Boy Scouts, Rafael Petit, left and Juan Carmona, right, examining their boots after tramping 25 miles a day for two years in order to attend the Boy Scout Jamboree in Washington the left Caraca, Januray 11, 1935 arriving in Washington today..

100 Things You Didn’t Know About Scouting. #48
48. Rafael Petit and Juan Carmona of Caracas, Venezuela, hiked to the 1935 National Scout Jamboree, only to find that it was canceled due to a polio outbreak. They returned for the rescheduled 1937 Jamboree—a total of 8,000 miles.
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Scouting 101: Methods of World Scouting in Management Education

Contribution of World Scouting methods to the education of potential managers or leaders outside Scouting.

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