Global Management

2015 Global Management Bullet Train

Management Theory and Practice




TED Ed Lessons


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#Planning. Global Learning Adventures in Management. Episode I – Planning
#Execution. Global Learning Adventures in Management. Episode II – Execution. #Japan
#Industry. Global Learning Adventures – The Steel Industry in Port Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
#TimeManagement. Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System®


1. Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling

Company Organization

2. Team Management & Communications

Stages of Team Development

Communications Activity

3. SWOT & Global Environment

Strategic planning and strategy implementation in an organization. Students learn how to perform internal and external audits, identify problems, and formulate goals and objectives. SWOT Analysis includes internal and external environment.


External Environment Presentation (Prezi)

4. Values, Priorities & Organizational Culture

Personal Leadership System

5. Leadership

6. Human Resources

Assembling Device Activity

7. Operations Management

Technology Acceptance Model

8. Change Management